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Chain and Sprocket Alignment Tool

Chain and Sprocket Alignment Tool

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The Ultimate Chain and Sprocket Alignment Tool. Simple to set-up with Laser Precision.

Attach the tool to the rear sprocket, check alignment along the length of the chain or between sprockets, adjust as required re-check to verify correct alignment and you’re done.


The body of the tool is CNC machined aluminum. The key features of the machined body are the laser hole and the clamp leg face. Both are machined in the same set up to ensure a coplanar relationship is maintained between both. As the leg of the clamp sits flush on the sprocket during use the centerline of the laser will follow accordingly.

The laser is nested in the clamp body and activates by use of an on off push switch. There is also a cylindrical pocket machined into the clamp body which is used to house spare batteries.


The tool assembly also consists of a screw sub assembly. The screw material is nylon, chosen so it will not scratch the sprocket face during set-up and use.

During assembly the alignment is checked over distance on a precision ground fixture and is factory certified, no adjustment is required by the user.


  • The Ultimate Chain and Sprocket Alignment Tool
  • Precsion machined CNC body with Laser Application
  • Laser Centerline and Clamp Face leg are Coplanar to ensure accurate alignment
  • Accurate and factory certified within 1mm (.04”) over 1 meter (3.93’)
  • Precision alignment maximizes horsepower
  • Precsion alignment reduces maintenance and replacement costs
  • Can be used on Motorcycles , ATVs and Karts
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