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Moto Chain-Mate

The assembly Kit consists of a Baseplate which is used to house cleaning and lubricant solution.

Two Telescopic Rods extend vertically from the baseplate. These are fully adjustable and are used to set the height and angle of the bath in order to match the chain geometry of the motorcycle during the cleaning and lubrication process.

The Bath and Cap are used to enclose the chain during the clean and lubrication process.  This chamber is a key feature of the design as it prevents overspray from sticking to tires, wheels, swing arms etc.

Any waste in the chamber flows down the bath to a drain where it's then collected in a catch reservoir.  During the cleaning process the Crud Brush is used to remove any grit and crud deposits from the chain.  A Mat is also provided to catch any cleaning solution chain drips during a heavy cleaning session.

Chain / Sprocket Alignment Tool


The Ultimate Chain and Sprocket Alignment Tool.

Simple to set-up with Laser Precision.

Attach the tool to the rear sprocket, check alignment along the length of the chain or between sprockets, adjust as required re-check to verify correct alignment and you’re done.

The body of the tool is CNC machined aluminum. The key features of the machined body are the laser hole and the clamp leg face. Both are machined in the same set up to ensure a coplanar relationship is maintained between both. As the leg of the clamp sits flush on the sprocket during use the centerline of the laser will follow accordingly.

The laser is nested in the clamp body and activates by use of an on off push switch. There is also a cylindrical pocket machined into the clamp body which is used to house spare batteries.

The tool assembly also consists of a screw sub assembly. The screw material is nylon, chosen so it will not scratch the sprocket face during set-up and use.

During assembly the alignment is checked over distance on a precision ground fixture and is factory certified, no adjustment is required by the user.

Crud Brush

The Crud Brushes 90 Degree Head allows for plenty of flexibility during the chain cleaning process. The open head design caters to the complete range of motorcycle chain sizes.


Its large head and ergonomic design allow it to easily remove any girt and crud deposits on the chain while cleaning.


The sleek Arrow Head design on the opposite end of the brush allows the user to reach confined spaces. It's extremely useful for removing old lube splatter deposits.

Clean chains:

  • Reduce Friction - Increasing Horsepower to the rear wheel.

  • Increase Chain and Sprocket life reducing maintenance costs.

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