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Moto Chain-Mate

Moto Chain-Mate

$49.95 Regular Price
$44.96Sale Price

The Moto Chain-Mate Assembly Kit consists of a Baseplate which is used to house cleaning and lubricant solution.


Two Telescopic Rods extend vertically from the baseplate. These are fully adjustable and are used to set the height and angle of the bath in order to match the chain geometry of the motorcycle during the cleaning and lubrication process.


The Bath and Cap are used to enclose the chain during the clean and lubrication process.  This chamber is a key feature of the design as it prevents overspray from sticking to tires, wheels, swing arms etc.


Any waste in the chamber flows down the bath to a drain where it's then collected in a catch reservoir.


During the cleaning process the Crud Brush is used to remove any grit and crud deposits from the chain.


A Mat is also provided to catch any cleaning solution chain drips during a heavy cleaning session.

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